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Interested players should make a distinct post declaring their interest in joining the guild. Until the forums are properly set up, make the post in this forum folder.

There are few restrictions currently concerning who can apply.

1. You must be level 80.

The process of application is simple and is not meant to be a rigorous challenge. There will be at least a week period where your showing interest, participating in events, will be the only thing you need to do to get into trial. I highly suggest /join NTIqueue since that will be the easiest way for a member or officer to find you, the interested potential recruit, and invite you to an event.

Once you earn trial status, you will be invited to the guild as a trial member and will begin your trial phase. The trial phase lasts about a month. During or at the end of the trial phase you will likely be tested by dueling several other members. After internal discussion, you may be promoted to full membership.

If it is not clear to you, we are a pvp guild. We PVE on the side to fill in gear slots for the needy as well.
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Application Information
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